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February 19
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YR app- Etane by Hawst-r YR app- Etane by Hawst-r
My overseer for :iconyirilmorrealm:
Just flats for now but might update with shading or stuff later or w/e I'm a terrible mod

Name: Etane

Species: Kirin

Age: Appears to be in his early 20s

Gender: Male

Size: Human : 6'0''  | Creature: 5' (head) 3'4'' (Withers)

Region: Enrakest

:bulletred:Ardere - Given his dragonian attributes, he has control over fire. Usually it is seen surrounding his body in what some call "Holy Fire" as it appears purplish blue and can contain purifying attributes. It is used mostly as counter protection if he is attacked physically, the flame will only cause a burn when intended.
:bulletyellow:Fulmen - Lightning will spark around him, and is capable of striking to deal damage or simply becoming a ball of light to help clear darkness.
:bulletwhite:Percuro - With white magic he can heal himself or other living things using fire (solar), electricity, water or even his own energy.
:bulletwhite:Purification - He is able to rid dark magic, which includes curses, possession or necromancy etc. This also allows for enchanting objects or places to help keep darkness at bay. It is also told he uses this to make his body light weight.
:bulletblue:Aguatics - Water can be drawn from a nearby source and be manipulated however he pleases. Using this and Purify allows him to walk on water and reach his home. If he is underwater he can create a sort of bubble to retain air (can only last for a few minutes).

Accessory: -Bells, Tassels and a Sash -Occasionally a pouch for herbs.

Personality: He is almost always kind to those he meets, rarely judging anyone. Etane always tries to seem down to earth and unimposing, always offering a cup of tea to others or going on picnics. He can be quite sensitive and shy, despite his attempts not to show it since he would rather not burden others with his age old emotions. A sort of caretaker roll is given off, as he will care for those that need it and can be indignant if someone has ill-will or 'evil' intentions. Talking about the past he becomes very elusive and vague, never really letting on how much he knows, leaving him to seem a bit dense when in actuality he is quite knowledgeable.

Weaknesses: Traveling can be hard for him to do, since he constantly needs a supply of plants and water, making him unable to stay away from his homeland for long. He doesn't handle insults well, and even though he might not show it at the time, he will be forever pondering in self-consciousness. Etane isn't exactly fond of dark places, and will use light or fire to brighten it up.

Talents: He can sew intricate designs on fabric, most of which he wears. He is also good at identifying herbs or edible plants, giving him a knack on natural remedies.

Background: Etane was a young fawn when he remembers recalling the disputes amongst the animals.  Talk of ruling the weaker had terrified him, so much so, he looked to the gods for guidance, finding only silence in place of answers. It was evident he'd choose a side that he had always placed faith in; with Achlor'ynd. Despite seemingly getting shut away from the divine beings, the Kirin never lost hope. He helped fight against those who wished to suppress them; however he wasn't as bold or daring as some may think. Quite the contrary he was always seen with watery eyes most of the time. When all the violence stopped he was given powers and trust, along with a few others that came later, and followed the duties given to him. He had begun starting a sort of rebirthing, becoming a foal again yet in a different human form. He would hide himself in the woods, being shy and elusive, only meeting few that he was called upon by. However despite this behavior he would always diligently take care of the forest. Eventually this allowed him to become more in tune to his surroundings as the years passed. He slowly begun breaking down barriers towards others and gave up on his reclusive ways, his brighter personality able to show itself.

- His horns are shed during winter, and it's at this time he will become quite snuggly.
- The horns are grown back fully by the start of summer.
- Vegetarian and will not eat meat. (He will consume dairy though)
- Due to the display of clothing he stays as a human unless traveling.
- Used to always be constantly crying and a rumor spread that he created the lake surrounding his home. O-of course this is a lie!
- His home on the lake is very hard to reach by those who aren't accustomed to swimming. He will lead his visitors to a safer entrance instead that is much more shrouded.
- He grows a garden which he tends to everyday, along with some indoor plants.
- Often has to be mindful of his clothing and tail as to not get snagged or dirty.
- Finds many Overseers anti-social, especially in the central areas, but understands why. Centuries of living and strange powers can do that to people.
- Using most of his abilities he can make plants grow quickly without the need to control them.
- Uta perches on his horns often and will sing little melodies.
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